How Nicholas Really Became Santa

In an effort to keep my 5 year old son informed about who Santa Claus really is, I asked him to watch a video my daughters enjoyed when they were his age:  Nicholas:  The Boy Who Became Santa.  Of course, this was his last choice behind Ninjago, Miles from Tomorrowland, and Peppa Pig.  But he did watch the video.  When he wandered into the kitchen after it ended, I asked, “So how did Nicholas become Santa?”  With a little shrug, Julian said, “He grew a beard.”

One might say that Julian had missed the entire point.  Or perhaps he summed it all up with a keen observation.  To grow a beard is to grow up.  Nicholas grew up.  He grew a beard.  He grew older.  It turned white.  And indeed, somewhere in this living, growing, and aging process, he became “Santa” – holy, a saint. 

So how did Nicholas become Santa?  He grew up.  Too simplistic?  Maybe. 

Whether you grow a beard this year, or maybe just a few new wrinkles, I’m sure you will all grow wiser and hopefully a little more “santa.”  I’m happy to be journeying and growing and, yes, aging with all of you.  Happy, joyous, prosperous and transformative New Year, friends!