Amy led an afternoon of reflection on the Acts of the Apostles for the Texas Diocesan Directors of Evangelization and Catechesis.  Amy was well prepared and was at ease with both the material and in her presentations.  I appreciated the reminder of  the joy and trepidation the Apostles felt after the Resurrection.  It was an appropriate reflection for the present time in the history of our Church and good to recall that Sacred Scripture is a living organism that speaks to us yesterday, today and tomorrow.  

— Cheryl Orwig Whapham, Director of Catechetical Services, Diocese of Dallas, TX

Amy has presented a variety of programs at our parish. Each has left us with much to ponder. Her ability to share the depth of her lived faith through prayer, instruction and storytelling touches hearts, no matter how disparate one’s background or stage of life. The presence of the Holy Spirit is always palpable. She extends a personal warmth and approachability to attendees that leaves a lasting impression. Her talent and  wisdom exceed her years. Blessed are those who read her writings and are fortunate enough to attend her events.  

— Nancy Stimac, Lay Minister, Mary, Gate of Heaven, Windsor Locks, CT

Amy led our Day of Reflection for Women at Enders Island in May 2017.  Amy introduced the life and spirituality of Catherine Doherty through words and images so effectively that our retreatants were caught up in Catherine’s story.  During the after-lunch conference time, people were eager to learn about the Poustinia of the Heart, a concept central to Catherine’s spirituality.  In addition to well-prepared presentations and an engaging style, Amy’s deep listening during group discussions thoroughly enriched our retreat day.

— Patricia Curtis, Pastoral Associate, St.Patrick-St. Anthony Church, Hartford, CT


It was the final month of the Year of Mercy and some feared the topic of mercy was getting stale.  Amy’s retreat with us brought the theme to life in fresh and enduring ways.  She’s a lovely person with a good sense of humor, a keen appreciation for connecting God’s Word to daily living, and very steeped in the theological tradition of our church. Excellent materials to help us digest each session throughout the weekend. We loved her and would welcome her back to Arkansas any time.

— Cackie (Catherine) Upchurch, Director, Little Rock Scripture Study, October 2016 LRSS Retreat at Subiaco Abbey


Amy was one of the presenters at our Women’s Day of Reflection last September. Her heartfelt and very knowledgeable presentation on the life and spirituality of Catherine Doherty was extremely well received by all of the women in attendance. Amy had come highly recommended as a speaker for our retreat and lived up to her reputation! She captivated the audience for the 45 minute presentation. It was truly reflected in our evaluations of the day.

— Paula Daisey, Chair; Marla Rapini, Co-Chair, Women’s Day of Reflection 2015, West Shore Deanery, Archdiocese of Hartford


Recently Amy did presentations on Prayer and Evangelizing Adults for our Deacon Convocation.  Amy has a depth of knowledge and uses an engaging style in giving talks which sets up immediate rapport with her audience.  I find that Amy is so real…with varied roles…a scholar, teacher, parishioner, wife, mother….  She speaks from accumulated wisdom from her own studies and also from the wealth of her personal spiritual life.

— Sr. Nancy Strillacci, ASCJ, Program Director, Office of Clergy & Religious, Diocese of Bridgeport


Amy always comes prepared with material and a servant's heart to bring people closer to Christ, whether they are students, RCIA elect and candidates, catechists, or parish ministers.  Her time with everyone is always well spent and people come away with tools to deepen their relationship with Christ.  She gives of her time and God-given talents abundantly!

— Gina Donnarummo, Director of Adult Formation, Diocese of Bridgeport


Amy Ekeh is an excellent, organized and very skilled speaker/presenter.  I have attended several of Amy's retreats and found her knowledge of Catholic Theology extensive.  Amy also provides an excellent format for reflection and discussion in a positive, warm and open environment.  I highly recommend attending one of her retreats.

— Trish Weiler, Retreat Participant, Clinton, MD


Amy was the keynote speaker for our Generations of Faith Festival of Learning at St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church in West Hartford.  Her topic was the Communion of Saints.  She was engaging and her presentation was filled with information and inspiring theology and spirituality.

— LouAnn Warren, DRE, St. Mark the Evangelist Church, West Hartford, CT


I've been Amy's student in the biblical class for almost two years.  I've found Amy 's lectures substantial, well-organized and resourceful. She manages to link the Old Testament with the New Testament with a coherent and central theme. She asks provocative as well as inspiring questions and lets you come to your own conclusion -- God's infinite love for humanity. She blends serious spiritual matters with doses of humor. You won't find moments of boredom in her class and an hour of lecture passes by fast. You always have something to take home and look forward to for the next class.

— Ivy Chan, CBS Student, Hamden, CT


As a second year Catholic Biblical School student, I was often overwhelmed with the subject content, that is until Amy conveyed her thorough knowledge of Scripture with a warmth and genuineness.  Her organizational skills and effortless ability to convey the information helped me to understand the Bible and deepen my faith.  Amy is a treasure!

— Deb Federico, CBS Student, Hamden, CT


I have had the opportunity to attend several retreats and talks given by Amy.  She has a beautiful way of presenting and teaching that is down to earth yet profound.  Her talks not only help me to reflect and apply scripture to my life but also helps deepen my relationship with Christ.  Along with many of the women from our church, I look forward to the retreats and talks given by her.

— Brenda Ramos, Stratford, CT


Amy presented a wonderful retreat day for the women of our parish entitled, "The Rosary of Our Lives." Her knowledge of the material presented was evident, and I came away from the retreat feeling renewed and enlightened.

— Cheryl Halchak, St. James Parish, Stratford, CT


I first met Amy at a Sacred Scripture Hearts Aflame Class when she was living in Maryland. I was impressed with her presentation of scripture and way of teaching. Little did I realize at that time, that from this one class a friendship would grow. We kept in contact through e-mail and when she started her blog, I'm proud to say I was the first subscriber. I love Amy's reflections and, as importantly, the communications we share with each other after I read one of her blogs that touch me (usually all of them). I am looking forward to attending Amy's Lenten Retreat in Burtonsville, Maryland March 1-3, 2015. I cannot think of a better way to begin my Lenten Journey this year!

-- Elaine Mitchell, Upper Marlboro, MD


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