Seed and Bread: A Fall Poem by Scott Eagan

For those of you who are new to the blog, Scott Eagan is a farmer and poet who is a member of the Madonna House community in Combermere, Ontario. Scott sees God at work in the seasons, the animals, the harvest, and in the people of his life. I'm ever-grateful that he shares his work with us.


Summer has come and gone
seamless seasons pass by, pass through
and we are still here, we remain
the planted seed pushing its roots deeper.

Spring sun and June showers
softened seed and warming soil
these have fed our souls, our wintry souls
we have scattered seed, and toiled and hoped.

July's hot blaze, long days and hay
our green meadows and pastures and fields
a sea of waving grasses are living proof of creation's
design, the order and harmony of Life.

Weeds have thrived there too, we have grown together
the Hand of Love will sort it out
sandy soils dry and some plants wither
waving grain, now a golden sea, August's passing.

Harvest promises a full granary
days shorten, the grain is plump
all creatures come to the fields to taste and fatten
and will we be harvest, Christ's seed and bread?

Roots and seed -- sun, rain and soil
stem, leaf and grain -- life is holy toil.
Green to gold, grain ground into flour
dough become bread; God, woman and man power.

© 2017 Scott Eagan

Van Gogh,  Wheat Fields with Sheaves,  1888.

Van Gogh, Wheat Fields with Sheaves, 1888.