Friends with God?

This week I’d like to hear from you.  Yes, I’m finally giving you a turn to talk.

I’d like to know how you would answer this question:

Can we can be friends with God? 

It’s easy to quickly answer “yes” to this question.  I’m thinking of those great bumper stickers that say “My best friend is a carpenter.”  But I want you to think about what friendship is. How would you define it?  Reflecting on this definition, are you and God “friends”? Or is the nature of your relationship with God something else entirely?

I hope some of you will share your thoughts with others by clicking on "Comment" below and jotting down a few ideas.  (For those of you who receive the blog by email, you can leave a comment by clicking the title of today’s blog, which will take you to the blog page, where you can click on the word "Comment" below the blog post.  Or if you prefer to be anonymous but still want to join the conversation, you may simply “reply” to this email and respond to me privately.)

In the next blog post, we’ll reflect on some of your responses and on several pertinent Scripture verses. 

Now go ponder!