A Prayer for Women

The role of women in the Passion and Resurrection Narratives in the Gospels should get our attention and lead us to a better understanding of the importance of women in the life and ministry of Jesus as a whole. 

This prayer highlights the relationship between Jesus and the women in his life – those who followed him during his earthly ministry, and those who follow him now:


Lord Jesus Christ, your presence was powerful in the lives of women.  You were born of a woman, whom you honored and loved, and who treasured you in her heart (Lk. 2:7, 51).  You revealed yourself to women as the Messiah, the Resurrection, and the Life (Jn. 4:26; 11:25-27).  You were friends with women (Jn. 11:5).  You were welcomed into their homes (Lk. 10:38).  Women travelled with you (Lk. 8:1-3), listened to your words (Lk. 10:39), wept for you (Lk. 23:38), witnessed your death (Mk. 15:41) and proclaimed your Resurrection (Jn. 20:18). 

Lord Jesus, with compassion and power, over and over you healed women of faith and their loved ones (Mk. 5:34; Mt. 15:28).  You expelled demons from the depths of their souls (Mk. 16:9), healed them spiritually by the forgiveness of their sins (Lk. 7:48), and restored them physically, freeing them from the bondage of illness and pain (Lk. 13:16). 

Like the women of the Gospels, we befriend you, we welcome you into our homes, we walk with you, listen to you, weep with you, follow you to the Cross, and witness your empty tomb.  We too have experienced your healing touch and the restoring power of your forgiveness.  Heal us again, Lord, and strengthen us to proclaim with Mary Magdalene, “I have seen the Lord!” (Jn. 20:18).  Amen.