Lessons of the Trees #4: Think of the Beauty of Autumn

I used to live down the street from a church that always had wit and wisdom to share on its marquee sign.  If I’d kept a record, I would have regular, clever quips to share with you!  But only one has stayed with me through the years.  Driving home one day, minding my own business and thinking my own thoughts, the sign caught my eye: 

“Afraid to change?  Think of the beauty of autumn.”

How many of our intra- and inter-personal problems derive from this human condition of “afraid to change”?  Is the hardest prayer of all:  “Change me”?  Trees do not resist the natural processes that change them – make them beautiful, strip them of leaves, renew them in spring.  But we?  Resist every step of the way.

Yes, God loves me just the way I am.  But I can turn more beautiful colors! 

Thinking of the beauty of autumn in Connecticut!

Thinking of the beauty of autumn in Connecticut!