Available for pre-order on or     Release date: Oct. 15, 2017.

Available for pre-order on or     Release date: Oct. 15, 2017.


Lent: Season of Transformation is a title in the new Alive in the Word series published by Little Rock Scripture Study and Liturgical Press . Alive in the Word invites you to explore Scripture in a way that is engaging and transformative. Each slim volume offers three brief but powerful lessons that help you reflect on your own life and experience in relationship with the words, events and characters of the Bible. Prayer and action are fully integrated.

  • Can’t commit to a lengthy Bible Study? These are only 3 sessions each.
  • Looking for something you can use on your own? These work beautifully.
  • Want to discover immediate ways to apply the Bible to your life? These are geared to do just that.
  • Interested in planning a day of reflection for friends or parishioners? These titles fit the bill.
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In Every Life includes the best of Amy Ekeh’s blog from 2015-2016. Fifty short reflections are helpful prayer-starters and encouraging reminders of God’s presence in our world and in our lives. Amy’s work has been published in a variety of Catholic publications including St. Anthony Messenger, The Bible Today, Magnificat and Catechist Magazine.

What others are saying....

“Amy Ekeh writes one of the best liturgy-centered blogs, as this collection bears witness. Column after column she finds surprising stories that anchor her insights to the real world as well as to the church calendar. And did I mention that she has a sense of humor? If you get the paper edition, put it in a handy location. And if you read the e-book edition, it will be just a few clicks away.” – Jim Forest, author of biographies of Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton and Daniel Berrigan

“Beadwork is done by selecting the appropriate colors and shapes, having in mind a final look that will make a necklace or bracelet. It’s a fine craft to create a piece that is beautiful and timeless. In this book, Amy Ekeh proves that she knows how to select just the right colors and shapes of the spiritual life, stringing them together to make a fitting gift. Her sources are liturgy, family life, Scripture, ministry, even the radio! She’s perfected the art of finding beauty and humor and, therefore, finding God.” – Cackie (Catherine) Upchurch, Director, Little Rock Scripture Study

That Mighty Heart includes the best of Amy Ekeh’s blog from 2014. Fifty short reflections are great prayer-starters or opportunities for spiritual refreshment anytime you have a few minutes in your day.

What others are saying....

“Amy has a unique and balanced approach to our Catholic faith. The spiritual guidance found here is practical, insightful and weaves itself throughout your day. I have often felt the Holy Spirit in her gentle, non-judging voice and recommend this book to those looking to deepen their experience of God in daily living.” -- Jeanne Canavan, Assistant Principal, St. Mary's Catholic School, Virginia

"Amy's reflections are inspirational, as she allows everyday moments to remind her of God's grace and presence, through her lenses as mother, wife, friend and professional, and then she beautifully weaves words and images that remain with me for hours and sometimes days at a time." -- W.C. “Burr” Datz, Director, Catholic Campus Ministry, Washington & Lee University and Virginia Military Institute


Articles & Essays


Monthly Column: "Sunday Throughout the Week: Lessons for the Sunday Gospels", Catechist Magazine, Fall 2015-Present

Essay, Liguorian Magazine, To be published Summer 2017

"I Will Remember for You," St. Anthony Messenger, January 2017

"Christ's Own Forever," Magnificat, January 2017

"10 New Ways to Pray," St. Anthony Messenger, September 2016

"Why We Love Our Ashes," St. Anthony Messenger, February 2016

"The Garden as a Place of Agony," The Bible Today, May/June 2015

"Welcome, Lent," St. Anthony Messenger, March 2015