Retreats & Days of Reflection

Day of Reflection:                               “The Rosary of Our Lives”

Day of Reflection:                               “Poustinia of the Heart: The Spirituality of Catherine Doherty”

Day of Reflection:                               "Prayer: Friendship with God" (an overview of prayer along with a prayer workshop)

Day of Reflection:                               “The Early Christian Wisdom of the Didache

Day of Reflection:                               “Hidden and Revealed: Recognizing Jesus in the Eucharist and in Our Lives”

Day of Reflection: “Rediscovering Acts: Relevant Lessons for Being Church Today”

Evening of Reflection:                         “It is the Lord! Recognizing the Crucified and Risen Christ in the Eucharist”

Advent Day of Reflection:                   “Emmanuel: God Is with Us”

Advent Day of Reflection:                   "You Shall Name Him Jesus: Reflecting on the Birth of Jesus in Scripture & in Our Lives"

Advent Day of Reflection:                   "God of Power and Smallness"

Lenten Day of Reflection:                   "Finding Strength in the Weakness of My Cross"

Lenten Day of Reflection:                   "Mercy: What God Gives & What God Requires"

Lenten Day of Reflection:                   "Awake in the Garden with Jesus"

Women’s Day of Reflection:               “The Dignity & Vocation of Women”

Women’s Day of Reflection:               “Contemporary Women of God”                   

Catechist Day Retreat:                        “Follow Me: A Retreat for Followers & Teachers of Christ”

Catechist Day Retreat:                        “Love in the Heart of the Church: The Spirituality of St. Therese of Lisieux”

Lenten Parish Mission:                         "Finding Strength in the Weakness of My Cross: Exploring the Dynamic of Suffering in the                                                                      Old Testament, the New Testament, and in Our Lives"

Retreat for High School Girls:             "Pearls of Great Price:  Created, Loved, Called"

Scripture Workshop/Retreat:               "From Creation to the Cross: What Does Scripture Say About Suffering?"


Talks & Presentations

"Choosing Faith in Challenging Times"

 “Getting More Out of Mass”

“The Eucharist: Presence and Communion”

“What Lent Means to Catholics”

“Communicating the Faith to Adults”

“Introduction to the Sacraments”

“The Early Christian Wisdom of the Didache”

“The Christian Meaning of Human Suffering”

"The Spiritual Adventure of Our Later Years: Aging in Christ" (with Ruth Mulhern, R.N.)

“Spirituality in the Workplace”

“Prayer Workshop:  Imaging Prayer, Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina, Healing of Memories and Other Forms of Prayer”

“Your Spiritual Family Tree”

"Women and the Resurrection"

“Advent and the Eucharist”

“Friendship in Christ”

“The Communion of Saints”

“The Eucharist and the Kingship of Christ” (for the Feast of Christ the King)

“If Today You Hear His Voice: Recognizing the Moments of Your Own Evangelization”

"The Agony in the Garden as a Model of Human Suffering"

"Christmas: Promise & Fulfillment"

"Pope Francis: The Joy of the Gospel"

“Tips and Tools for Studying the New Testament”

“How to Give a Prayer Workshop at Your Parish”


Evenings of Music and Reflection with Choir

"Lenten Evening of Music and Reflection: Be with Me, Lord"

"Advent Evening of Music and Reflection: You Are Not Alone"

"One-Night Lenten Mission: At the Foot of the Cross"

“Advent Evening of Music and Reflection: A Light Shines in the Night”